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San Francisco

Foundations for the future

Founded in 1995 by owner Jaime Gutierrez, Jayco Constructors is one of the Bay Area's leading, and most experienced seismic contractors in the industry. Our highly skilled team of engineers, welders, and crew will ensure that your foundation is well-equipped to handle seismic events. We service the greater San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding locations.

We specialize in

Soft-story retrofitting 
Soft-story buildings are described as existing wood-frame buildings with soft, weak, or open-front walls and existing non-ductile concrete buildings in the ordinance. These types of buildings are vulnerable to collapse in the event of moderate earthquakes. We will work to ensure your building is resilient, and strong enough to withstand future earthquakes.

Foundation/Structural Repair

Most foundations move constantly. There are tolerances that a foundation or structures must fall within to pass original inspection at the time of build. Settlement or movement by erosion, grading, expansive soils, all cause different issues for each type of foundation your structure is built upon. 

Steel Fabrication/Erecting

We are capable of assembling the metal framework of new buildings or structures, by fitting together steel girders, pipework and beams. We also fabricate structural beams in-house with our team of experienced welders. Trust in our exceptional workmanship and vast knowledge of structural support for your project.


Jayco is equipped to pour concrete and shotcrete which is a method of applying concrete projected at a high velocity usually requiring less form work and is a more economical solution to traditional concrete pouring.

General Construction

We also have experience commercial, and residential general construction ranging from additions, repairs and remodels. Feel free to inquire about the many services we offer.


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